Extraction of Diseased Teeth

One of the most common procedures performed in the office is extraction of decayed or otherwise diseased/non-restorable teeth. Dr. Bobo frequently extracts from 1 to 32 teeth at one time. Most patients prefer to be sedated with IV anesthesia during these procedures. This provides a comfortable means of having teeth taken out.

Your dentist may provide us with dentures or partials to place the same day of the extraction to replace the missing teeth. You may also be a candidate for dental implants to replace the missing teeth or to help retain your dentures.

Ridge Preservation

There may also be indications for placing a graft (ridge preservation) into the extraction site(s) the day the teeth are extracted to help preserve the width and height of the ridge for either placement of implants or placement of a bridge in the future. Ridge preservation helps counteract the natural shrinkage of the tooth socket that occurs after a tooth is removed.

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